If Picasso Went to the Zoo

I am so excited to share that I am a part of a children’s book called, “If Picasso Went to the Zoo”, that was just released. Written by Eric Gibbons and illustrated by 50 art teachers from all over the world the book contains poetry, science, art and art history. Eric Gibbons invited art teachers to emulate an animal in the style of a famous artist. I chose to create an Aye Aye and to emulate the work of  Robert Arneson. He was one of the great ceramic artists that was a part of the Funk Movement. Arneson taught at UC Davis for many years and his giant egg head sculptures are exhibited all over the campus in permanent collection. Because he created many self portraits that included much humor I took that notion and created my Aye Aye (a funny looking animal) in that style. The Aye Aye’s head is tilted, his tongue sticking out and one of his ears is painted red as in the style of Robert Arneson. There are so many gorgeous emulations in this book. Take a peak inside to see! 

I will be having a book signing in November at the Bakersfield Museum of Art. I’ll keep you posted on the details! There will also be an article in the Bakersfield Californian about this book next Thursday, August 20th, so keep a look out.

The book can be purchased here or from me at the BMoA signing. It would make the perfect gift for a child or adult. Enjoy!


Aye Aye Sculpture by Yvonne Cavanagh                 Photo by Lisa Rudnick